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Medical Surveillance

Medical Surveillance

Medical surveillance is a legal requirement under the Use and Standards of Exposure of Chemicals Hazardous to Health Regulation (USECHH 2000) of Occupational Safety and Health Act 1994 (OSHA 1994),

Health Surveillance

Health Surveillance

Health surveillance is necessary when it’s indicated from an assessment (done by DOSH registered Assessor or instructed by DOSH officer), which is done for the protection of the health of workers exposed or likely to be exposed to chemicals hazardous to health.



Perdana OSH (POSH) Academy & Consultancy delivers training & consulting group that offers both in-house and on-site safety & health training and consultation.


“Now: target zero; zero harm; no accidents, although they all look good on paper, they all focus on what you want to avoid. Imagine setting your business goals at the start of the year and presenting a goal of wanting to avoid any financial loss this coming year to the board. They would boot you straight out of the room! So, for what reason do we accept that with safety?” – Chad Lilley

Record keeping and monitoring.

Return to work examination after medical removal protection

Assist in disability assessment

Notification of occupational disease and poisoning

Investigation of occupational disease and poisoning

Health effect monitoring

Biological monitoring and biological effect monitoring

Pre-employment & Pre-placement Medical

Leading Primary Provider of Occupational Health Services in Malaysia

Perdana OSH (POSH) Academy & Consultancy is a nation wide primary provider of Occupational Health Services in Malaysia. We look into working with business at all levels liaising with Management, HR professionals and Safety & Health Officers in a highly flexible yet comprehensive range providing relevant occupational health services.

We have been supporting businesses successfully for over 8 years where we are business owners ourselves and we understand that your employees are your biggest cost but also your essential and vital assets.

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“Measuring safety as the number of years without a lost time injury is as bad as measuring a marriage by the number of years without an affair” – Dave Collins